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    Science Image Library
    Bacterial Growth Media

    from Science Prof Online

    Streptococcus pyogenes causing Beta-hemolysis on Blood Agar

    1, 2 & 3. Liquid Tryptic Soy Agar TSY with bacterial growth (floculate); 4 & 5. Sterile liquid growth medium.
    1. Slant tube of TSY agar growing Staphylococcus epidermidis; 2. 3. & 4. Slant tubes with various solid media and bacterial growth; 5. Slant tube of Enterococcus bacteria.
    1. Plate of sterile Blood Agar.
    2. Beta hemolysis from throat swab sample plated on Blood agar = Streptococcus pyogenes
    3 & 4. Alpha-hemolysis on Blood Agar, viewed from top of plate (3) and underside (4).
    5. What gamma-hemolysis would look like viewed from underside of plate.
    1. Sterile Mannitol Salt Agar.
    2. MSAr plates with bacterial growth. Mannitol+ pathogen left, Mannitol- normal flora right.
    3. S. epi written in mannitol negative Staphylococcus epidermidis and growing on MSA. 
    4. Mannitol Salt Agar viewed from top. Yellow side of plate growing mannitol+ pathogen Staph aureus. Pink side of plate growing mannitol- normal flora Staph epidermidis
    5. Mannitol-negative Staph epi growing in punctiform colonies on MSA.
    Slant Tubes of Various Solid Media (Click on image to enlarge.)
    Mannitol Salt Agar (MSA) Photos (Click on photo to enlarge. See more)
    MacConkey's Agar (MAC) Photos (Click on image to enlarge. See more)
    Liquid Bacterial Growth Medium (Click on image to enlarge.)​
    ​Blood Agar (BAP) Photos (Click on image to enlarge. See more)​
    Science Image Library: Bacterial Growth Media
    1.Sterile MacConkey's Agar.
    2. MacConkey's Agar growing Gram-negative bacteria. Left plate growing lactose-negative Salmonella, right plate growing lactose-positive E. coli
    3. "Ecoli" written on MAC using Lac+ E. coli bacteria.
    4. Pink, lac+ colony growing on MAC.
    5. Smiley face of lac+, Gram- bacteria growing on MAC.
    TSY Bacterial Growth Medium (Click on image to enlarge.)​
    1. Arm plate of TSY growing normal flora colonies of bacteria;  2. Warm sterile TSY as liquid in bottle;  3. Plate of TSY agar and inuculation loop; 4. Plate of TSY agar & swab;  5. Antibiotic zones of inhibition on TSY agar growing Staphylococcus.
    Page last updated: 9/2014
    Aseptic Technique for Pouring Agar into Petri Dishes (Click image to enlarge.)​
    1. Obtain sterile agar from warming oven. 
    2. Remove cap and hold it, opening pointed down to avoid contamination. 
    3. Flame neck of bottle.
    4. Pour 1/4" of agar into bottom of Petri plate. Only open lid as far as necessary.
    5. Flame neck of bottle, replace cap, and return bottle to warming oven.
    1. Blood agar. What type of hemolysis pattern?; 2 & 3. Specialized media #1 is MacConkey's; Specialized media #2 is Mannitol Salt
    Specialized Growth Media Streaked with Unknown Bacteria
    Photos for Testing Students (Click on image to enlarge. See more)
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    MacConkey's Agar (MAC) Specialized 
    Bacterial Growth Medium
    Blood Agar (BAP) Specialized 
    Bacterial Growth Medium
    Mannitol Salt Agar (MSA) Specialized 
    Bacterial Growth Medium
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