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    Science Video Library: Inside the Biology Laboratory

    Science Prof Online has a continuously growing collection of instructional videos on various biology laboratory procedures. Check back frequently, as we regularly add new videos, or subscribe to the  on YouTube.


    Science Video Library
    Biology Laboratory Videos

    from Science Prof Online

    Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

    Virtual Microbiology

    You have free access to a large collection of materials used in a college-level introductory microbiology course. The Virtual Microbiology Classroom provides a wide range of free educational resources including PowerPoint Lectures, Study Guides, Review Questions and Practice Test Questions.
    Prokaryotic Cell, Mariana Ruiz
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    Instructor's Corner
    How to Make a Wet Mount of Stained Epithelial Cheek Cells
    How to Make a Wet Mount Slide of Stained Onion Skin Cells
    How to Make a Wet Mount Slide of Elodea Plant Cells
    MICROBIOLOGY (Click here for more Microbiology Lab Videos.)
    How to Light a Bunsen Burner 
    Using a Match
    How to Do a Gram Stain
    How to Interpret MacConkey's Bacterial Growth Media
    How to Prepare a Bacterial Smear for Gram Staining
    How to Aseptically Pour Bacterial Growth Media
    Tutorial on Compound Light Microscope Parts & Operation