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    Different Color Flasks with Chemicals

    Atomic Theory & Periodic Table
    Main Page

    from Science Prof Online


    Atomic Theory & Periodic Table Lecture Materials

    These are the Atomic Theory & periodic Table Lecture materials of the Virtual Cell Biology Classroom. The resources below are used to supplement an actual college cell biology course. 

    • Understand how atoms, molecules and compounds are represented using chemical symbols & formulas.
    • Describe the subatomic parts of an atom.
    • Define "atomic number", "atomic mass" & "mass number."
    • What are isotopes. How does the "atomic mass" relate to isotopes?
    • What makes an isotope radioactive? What does "radioactive decay" mean?
    • What do the "groups" on the periodic table relate to?
    • What do the "periods" on a periodic table relate to?
    • What are the maximum number of electrons that an atom can have in its inner orbital?
    • What are valence electrons and why are they important?
    • What is the maximum number of electrons that an atom can have in its valence shell?
    • Be able to create a labeled electron shell diagram of any element in the first three periods, showing number of protons, neutrons and electrons in their proper orbitals.

    Versions of Chemistry BasicsPPT:​

    Printing: The best way for students to print out the PowerPoint Show is to download the PDF version. Select Print, and, when the Print screen comes up, go to the Print Handling options. Under Page Scaling, select "Multiple pages per sheet", Under Pages per sheet, select "2". That uses up less paper, placing two slides on each page.

    These lecture materials include:
    • list of learning objectives
    • PowerPoint lecture
    • a 中国福利彩票下载安装αppwork assignment  
    • "class note" articles
    • practice test & review questions


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    • More FREE  to find out!

    ​These multiple-choice / matching practice test questions and essay review questions are designed to help you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp better understand the basics of chemistry and the periodic table. 

    Click here for a printable, detailed periodic table.
    Instructor's Corner
    Page last updated: 5/2016