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    Virtual Anatomy & Physiology Instructor's Corner
    Virtual Anatomy & Physiology Instructor's CornerVirtual Anatomy & Physiology Instructor's CornerVirtual Anatomy & Physiology Instructor's Corner
    Virtual Anatomy & Physiology Instructor's Corner
    What Are the SPO Virtual Classrooms?

    Science Prof Online offers FREE fully-developed science curricula, including the Virtual Anatomy and Physiology Classroom featured on this page.

    Virtual Anatomy & Physiology 

    from Science Prof Online

    MRI of Human Head

    . Check out the pictures! These gruesome cakes, cookies and sweet treats would liven up any anatomy class or Halloween party. They really know how to make pathology interesting in the UK!
    These Virtual Classrooms are organized by lecture into several topics. Each lecture topic typically includes free:

    In 2010 the WNYC radio show Radiolab aired an episode called ", featuring fascinating information about the tumor that killed Ulysses S. Grant and the tumor that has saved lives.

    : Animated learning objects from Fox Valley Technical College

    New resources are regularly added to the Virtual Anatomy and Physiology Classroom. For updates, follow us on  or Twitter .

    Each title below is a link to all of the lecture-related course materials on that particular anatomy and physiology subtopic. See the A&P Instructor's Corner for editable versions of the PowerPoints.


    LECTURE Topic - Intro to Human Anatomy & Physiology

    LECTURE Topic - Medical Terminology

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    Science Lab Videos

    LECTURE Topic - Basics of Biological Cells 
    [ and