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    Eukaryotic Cell Structure & Function
     Main Page

    from Science Prof Online


    Eukaryotic Cell Structure & Function 

    These are the Eukaryotic Cell Structure & Function Lecture materials from the free science education website Science Prof Online. The resources below are used to supplement an actual college biology courses. 

    VIDEO: How to Make a Wet Mount of Stained Epithelial Cheek Cells
    These lecture learning objectives are  a study guide based on the VMC Eukaryotic Cell Structure & Function Lecture PowerPoint Show:

    • ​Know the structural components of eukaryotic cells (organelles & other cellular components) and the function of each. 
    • Know which cellular components are found only in eukarotes, only in prokaryotes and those found both in prokaryotes and eukaryotes.
    • ​What is the endomembrane system and what does it do? Do prokaryotes have an endomembrane system?
    • Name and describe two energy-producing organelles in eukaryotic cells.

    The Eukaryotic Cell Lecture materials include:
    • learning objectives
    • PowerPoint lecture 
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    • additional required readings
    • practice test & review questions
    Image of generic eukaryotic cell. For labeled diagram of same cell, .
    Page last updated: 2/2016
    These practice test questions and essay review questions are designed to help you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp better understand the material from this lecture.
    • Eukaryotic Cell Practice Test Questions (” interactive diagram from Cells Alive website.
    •  from Interactive Concepts in Biochemistry.
    • Biology4Kids –   by Raders.
    •  from Freeman & Sumanas. 
    •  from Norton & Sumanas. 
    •  animation and quiz from McGraw Hill.
    •  Animated Science Tutorial.